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Qualified specialists of the Department of Automated Systems of Data Processing offer the services of diagnostics and multifactor investigations of structured cable systems of an enterprise including:
- investigation of a cable structure of computer network of an enterprise;
- frequency band study of the wireless standard 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (Wi-Fi – connectivity and quality of communication);
- documentation of network computing structures, address space allocation schemes, survey of network devices, testing of network services performance;
- development of recommendations on optimization of computer networks and an expertise of design solutions;
- enterprise staff training on application of active commutation and data routing technologies.
Collecting of data on structure of network traffic of a computing network, survey of integrality of a cable system and loading of wireless environment permit to create a network structure passport, reveal «narrow spaces» in network architecture, potential reasons for refusal or delay in network query serving.

Diagram 1 - The graph of instability of the channel under load

Investigation of an operating computer network or space for network structure design with application of specialized hardware and software facilities permits to give recommendations on changing of network architecture and optimization of production process relevant to its operation.

Diagram 2 - The graph of the measured throughput packets from 64 to 1518 bytes

Recommendations on structural change of network equipment permits to reorganize traffic structure and improve indicators of security and enterprise network scalability.
Analysis of network structure dedicated to distinguishing of dimensions of domain of occurred failures permits to find problemsolving in emergency situations, enhance level of computer network operational reliability.
Department of Automated Systems of Data Processing of Educational Institution «Francisk Skorina Gomel State University» has unique equipment for diagnostics and optimization of networks. The Department staff members are experienced (18 years) in work with the equipment

Supervisor - Associate Professor of the Department ASIP Varuyeu Andrei

Project 09–22
CONTRACT B2-2.17/2009 number of works on the development of the State System of Scientific and Technical Information of the Republic of Belarus for 2006-2008 and up to 2010, the task ¹ 2.17 «Develop tools to ensure security when working with sources of scientific, technical and business Information
Supervisor - Head of the Department ASIP Liauchuk Viktar

Project 09–25
Basic (search) research work (CONTRACT number F09BRU-013) "Information system for supporting the work of a network of scientific research community: Interregional Research portal "Problems of overcoming the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster: basic research and practical implementation"
Supervisor - Vice-rector for scientific work Demidenko Oleg

Project 08–02
Scientific and methodological support implementation of the educational process in the area of industrial information technology
Supervisor - Head of the Department ASIP Liauchuk Viktar

Student Research Laboratory "Network Technologies and Multimedia (Stimulus)"
Research and practical work of the laboratory includes a variety direction of development of modern information technologies, in particular, computer simulation, industrial programming, network and system administration, processing of multimedia information. Research results are brought to the attention of the scientific public on international and republican scientific and practical conferences.
Supervisor - Associate Professor of the Department ASIP Varuyeu Andrei

CISCO Regional Academy
As part of Cisco Networking Academy Program students receive actual knowledge Internet technology, including the design of computer networks, administration of Windows and UNIX, Web-design. The curriculum of the Academy covers a wide range of topics from the basics of networking techniques to create web-sites and more complex IT concepts such as the use of sophisticated search tools and troubleshooting.
Supervisor - Associate Professor of the Department ASIP Vorujev Andrey

IBM Academic Innovation Program
This project - a joint initiative of IBM and the company "IBA-Gomel" for the Gomel State University named Skaryna. The project aims to improve the training of Belarusian students and the quality education to ensure the competitiveness of future IT professionals as the Belarusian and international labor markets. Participation "Academic Innovation Program" allows university to obtain free of charge access to a wide range of software at IBM, materials for training courses and specialized publications, organize training and certification of teachers and students. The project company "IBA-Gomel" has opened a joint training research laboratory equipped with modern equipment and software.
Supervisor - Senior lecturer of the Department ASIP Kucherov Alexander

Joint training and research laboratory enterprise "EPAM Systems" and GSU named F.Skaryna
Enterprise "EPAM Systems" pays great attention to education and upgrading its own staff and specialists seeking to more fully realize its potential. Laboratory provides an opportunity to explore demanded in the Gomel region Platform Java Enterprise Edition.
Supervisor - Head of the Department ASIP Liauchuk Viktar

Institute of retraining and skills
The Department for the Institute provides an educational process for directions:
1) second specialty on the basis of Higher Education "Software of information systems" (qualification "engineer programmer");
2) skills with the issuance of permits for the Study of ERP-system "1C: Managing Industrial Enterprise 8".
Supervisor - Head of the Department ASIP Liauchuk Viktar
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