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Liauchuk Viktar
Head of the Department
Ph.D. in Technics
Associate Professor
Demidenko Oleg
Vice-Rector for Science
Ph.D. in Technics
Varuyeu Andrei
Associate Professor
Ph.D. in Technics
Bychkou Pavel
Associate Professor
Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics
Zykunov Vladimir
Associate Professor
Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics
Drobyshevsky Vitaly
Senior Lecturer
Kulinchenko Vladimir
Senior Lecturer
Kucherov Alexander
Senior Lecturer
Master of Science
Levantsov Viktor
Senior Lecturer
Shapovalova Natalia
Senior Lecturer
Aksionava Natalia
Senior Lecturer
Master of Science
Information about the teacher
Name:  Liauchuk Viktar
Appointment:  Head of the Department ASIP
Scientific degree:  Ph.D. in Technics
Scientific rank:  associate professor
University, specialty, year of graduation:  GSU named Francysk Skaryna, Applied Mathematics, 1989
Research interests:  Developing J2EE applications
Skype:  liauchuk
   Google Scholar
Virtual classroom for DL2020:

Curriculum Vitae

Born Dec. 1, 1965 in the city of Gomel. In 1982 I entered the Gomel State University named Skorina on specialty "Applied Mathematics". During the studies I showed an interest in scientific activities in the field of simulation. After graduating with honors from the university in 1989, I was assigned to the department of mathematical problems of management of the university and recommended for admission to graduate school at the specialty 05.13.16 - "The use of computers, mathematical modeling and mathematical methods in scientific research" (according to branches of science). In 1994, the Belarusian State University under the guidance of Doctor of Technical Science, Professor Ivan Maksimey I defended Ph.D.'s dissertation on "Development of a method and means of automation simulation of complex discrete systems". I received the degree Ph.D. in technical sciences. In 2000 I was awarded the academic title of associate professor with a degree in Informatics, management and computer science.

On the Academic Staff Department of Mathematical Problems of Control (teaching assistant, senior lecturer, associate professor) worked from 1992 to 2007. In 2007 I was elected to contest the post of head of the department of automated systems of information processing of physical faculty.

Developed a course of lectures and laboratory workshops more than 15 academic disciplines. Particular attention is paid to the preparation of teaching materials in electronic form. Executives are regularly diploma and course design students in the following areas:

  • Simulation,
  • Object-oriented programming,
  • Web-applications development on Java Enterprise Edition,
  • Technology of software development,
  • Automation of office work means Excel.

Published over 20 scientific and methodical works, including 1 manual with the stamp of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus. I am a member of the organizing committee for the two conferences on the basis of our university:

  • Republican Scientific Conference for students and graduate students "New mathematical methods and computer technologies in designing, manufacturing and scientific researches";
  • Republican scientific-practical conference "Topical issues of scientific and methodical work".

I passed repeatedly skills:

  • Program of scientific-methodical seminar, Faculty of Mathematics;
  • At the Department of Information and Computing Systems Belarusian Trade and Economic University;
  • In the Park of High Technologies.

Under the guidance of my research defended two PhD thesis: 2006 - Starchanka Uladzimir, 2009 - Chechat Pavel. The students became laureates of the student work different years, open competition Ericsson - NAS Belarus'2004.

I took an active part in the implementation of 15 contracted and state budgetary research, of which 1 as a scientific leader, in the 7 - Responsible Executive. The scientific results are regularly reported at international scientific conferences. List of scientific publications includes more than 60 items. In 2006, co-authored with Professor I. Maksimey published a monograph "The program-technological complex simulation of complex discrete systems", which summarized the implementation of scientific research. In 2007 I became the winner Skorina readings.
From 2014 to 2018 I implemented two projects in cooperation with the Department of Informatics of the University of Zilina (Slovakia) in frameworks of the International programs TEMPUS and ERASMUS+.

The main areas of scientific interest:

  • Simulation modeling;
  • Scientific and methodological support of educational process in the field of industrial information technology.

I developed software technology tools issue oriented automation simulation of complex discrete systems. At its core is a system modeling MICIC4, which includes:

  • Basic scheme of formalization of object modeling;
  • Design patterns, program simulation model;
  • APIs productions simulation experiment;
  • Scenario simulations, allowing to test, study the properties and operating model;
  • Ways of integrating simulation models in information-analytical system user according to the existing level of automation.

With the help of simulation MICIC4 students and colleagues created a number of problem-oriented simulation systems in the following areas: technological processes of production, transport flows, computational processes in telecommunication networks, commercial activities.

Regularly participate in the following scientific conferences:

  • "Information Systems and Technologies» (IST), Minsk;
  • "Simulation: Theory and Practice" (IMMOD), St. Petersburg;
  • "Computer Data Analisys and Modeling" (CDAM), Minsk.

The most significant in recent years scientific work:

  1. Liauchuk, V. Software-technological complex simulation of complex discrete systems/ V. Liauchuk, I. Maksimey.- Gomel: GSU named F.Skaryna, 2006. - 263 pp.
  2. Liauchuk, V. The basic layout of the formalization of a modeling system MICIC4/ V. Liauchuk// Problems of programming.- 2005 .- ¹1 .- P. 85-96.
  3. Liauchuk, V. Verification of the simulation model of the technological process of production with a hierarchical structure/V. Liauchuk, P. Chechet [and others]// Informatics, ¹1, 2005 .- P. 32-40
  4. Liauchuk, V. Simulation of the technological process of production with a hierarchical structure/ V. Liauchuk/ Data registration, keeping and processing.- 2006.- V. 8, ¹3.- P. 89-103.
  5. Liauchuk, V. Program Interface simulation of complex discrete systems/ V. Liauchuk/ Mathematical mashines and systems, ¹1, 2007.- P. 88-92.
  6. Liauchuk, V. Current patterns of programming simulation models of complex systems/ V. Liauchuk, P. Chechet// "Simulation. Theory and Practice "IMMOD-2007: Proceedings of the third All-Russia scientific-practical conference on simulation and its application in science and industry/ SPb.: Federal State Unitary Enterprise Central Research Institute of Shipbuilding Technology, 2007. - Volume 1 .- P. 167-171.
  7. Liauchuk, V. The influence of modern information technologies on the development of automation simulation of complex discrete systems/ V. Liauchuk// Proceedings of the Gomel State University named after F.Skaryna.- 2009. - ¹4.- P. 32-35.
  8. Liauchuk, V. Comparison of distribution channel planning strategies based on simulation results / V. Liauchuk// Proceedings of the Gomel State University named after F.Skaryna.– 2011.– ¹6.– P. 196–199.
  9. Liauchuk, V. Modern infrastructure of lecture classes // V. Liauchuk, A. Varuyeu, P. Chechat, A. Liauchuk / Distance learning - the educational environment of the XXI century: materials IX International Conf. - Minsk: BSUIR, 2015. – P.145-146.
  10. Liauchuk, V. Initialization of pseudo-random number sensors in embedded devices // P. Chechat, V. Liauchuk, A. Varuyeu / Proceedings of the Gomel State University named after F.Skaryna. – 2015.– ¹ 6 (93).– P.75-80.
  11. Liauchuk, V. A conceptual model of service quality assurance mechanisms in packet switched networks // A. Khobnia, V. Liauchuk, O. Demidenko / Informatics. – 2016.– ¹ 4.– P. 78-87.
  12. Liauchuk, V. The architecture of software tools to ensure the reliability of the LAN node // A. Kucharau, A. Varuyeu, O. Demidenko, V. Liauchuk / Problems of Physics, Mathematics and Technics. – 2017.– ¹ 4. P. 61-64.

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