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Liauchuk Viktar
Head of the Department
Ph.D. in Technics
Associate Professor
Demidenko Oleg
Vice-Rector for Science
Ph.D. in Technics
Varuyeu Andrei
Associate Professor
Ph.D. in Technics
Bychkou Pavel
Associate Professor
Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics
Zykunov Vladimir
Associate Professor
Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics
Drobyshevsky Vitaly
Senior Lecturer
Kulinchenko Vladimir
Senior Lecturer
Kucherov Alexander
Senior Lecturer
Master of Science
Levantsov Viktor
Senior Lecturer
Shapovalova Natalia
Senior Lecturer
Aksionava Natalia
Senior Lecturer
Master of Science
Information about the teacher
Name:  Kucherov Alexander
Appointment:  Senior lecturer
Scientific degree:  Master of Science
University, specialty, year of graduation:  GSU named Francysk Skaryna, ASIP, 2001
Research interests: Study of operating systems
The architecture of modern computer systems
Email:  kucherov*
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Curriculum Vitae

Born April 3, 1977 in the city of Gomel, and lived and studied in the village Klimovka Gomel district. From 1992 to 1996 he studied at the Gomel Mechanical Engineering College with a degree in maintenance of machines with numerical control and robotic systems. In 1996 he entered the Gomel State University named Skorina on specialty "Automated information processing systems. While studying a lot of time spent on computing facilities department, thereby improving professionalism in the field of information technology. Participated in the design and installation of all datacenters chair aColl. After graduation in 2001, was assigned to the department aColl and worked in the office laboratory 2 category until 2006. In the same year he was elected to contest the post of assistant to the chair, and in 2009 he was elected to contest the post of Senior Lecturer.

Developed a course of lectures, practical manuals, laboratory workshops, benefits of tests in 8 academic disciplines department aColl. As part of a group of authors developed and published materials with the stamp of the Ministry of Education: a laboratory practical on the course "Operating Systems" and the manual "Hardware and software networks. List of scientific and methodical publications includes more than 30 works.

Executives are regularly diploma and course design in the following areas:

  • designing and upgrading the LAN,
  • development of web-applications,
  • automation of businesses,
  • information security.

Since 2005 he is head of the section "Automated system of processing and displaying information in a student research laboratory" Network technologies and multimedia.

Improve their skills in vivo Republican Institute of Higher Education "Program« Web-mastering and computer graphics in education. In 2006 the city became the winner of the contest "Zornae yunatstva" in the category "Information technology". Students were laureates of urban, national and international contests.

He took an active part in implementing 5 economic contracts and state budgetary research, from the bottom of the 1 - as a responsible artist. The scientific results reported at scientific conferences.

The main areas of scientific interest:

  • software systems to protect information from unauthorized use;
  • scientific and methodological support of educational process in the field of industrial information technology.

Am an active instructor at the Regional Networking Academy, Cisco Systems courses: «IT Essentials», «CCNA Exploration» and «CCNA Discovery».

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