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Liauchuk Viktar
Head of the Department
Ph.D. in Technics
Associate Professor
Demidenko Oleg
Vice-Rector for Science
Ph.D. in Technics
Varuyeu Andrei
Associate Professor
Ph.D. in Technics
Bychkou Pavel
Associate Professor
Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics
Zykunov Vladimir
Associate Professor
Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics
Drobyshevsky Vitaly
Senior Lecturer
Kulinchenko Vladimir
Senior Lecturer
Kucherov Alexander
Senior Lecturer
Master of Science
Levantsov Viktor
Senior Lecturer
Shapovalova Natalia
Senior Lecturer
Aksionava Natalia
Senior Lecturer
Master of Science
Information about the teacher
Name:  Varuyeu Andrei
Appointment:  associate professor of the Department ASIP
Scientific degree:  Ph.D. in Technics
Scientific rank:  associate professor
University, specialty, year of graduation:  GSU named Francysk Skaryna, ASIP, 1996
Research interests:  Diagnosis of complex systems
 Net and network equipment
 Operating System
 Computer graphics and processing of multimedia data
 Scientific and methodological support of educational process in the field of industrial information technology
Email:  ang*
   Google Scholar
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Curriculum Vitae

Born May 10, 1974 in the city of Gomel. In 1991 he enrolled in the Gomel State University by Francisc Skorina on specialty automate systems data processing (ASDP) and management. During the studies showed an interest in scientific activities. After graduating with honors from the university in 1996, was assigned to the department ASDP and recommended her for admission to graduate school at the specialty 05.13.13 - "Telecommunication Systems and Computer Networks" (in fields of science). As a result preliminary dissertation at the joint meeting of the department's ASDP and MPC in 1999, it was recommended that research is expanded to include a number of issues of scientific specialty 05.13.18 - "Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Programs. After this work on his thesis continued for another two years. May 25, 2001 in the Council for the Protection of theses K 02.12.01 at Gomel State University by Francisc Skorina under the leadership candidate of technical sciences, docent Demidenko Oleg Mikhailovich master's thesis on "Monitoring and adaptation of computational process in the nodes of a local area network using the models of working load ", received the degree of candidate of technical sciences at the junction of specialties 05.13.13 and 05.13.18. June 4, 2003 awarded the academic title of associate professor with a degree in Computer science, management and computer science.

On the Academic Staff Department of the automated information processing systems of physical faculty (assistant, then associate professor), working since 1996.

Develop training programs, lectures and laboratory workshops more than 10 academic disciplines specialty ASDP. Particular attention is paid to the training materials in electronic form and the introduction of innovative technologies in the learning process. Regular exercise leadership diploma and course design students in the following areas:

  • Diagnostics and debugging of complex computer systems,
  • Development (upgrading) project network structures,
  • Technology software development,
  • Development of web-applications using modern software tools, technologies and development platforms,
  • Development of graphical primitives and user's media,
  • Development scripting structures and external software modules to change the functionality of user applications.

Students under my direction, have repeatedly been the laureates of the student works. He has published over 20 scientific and methodical works, including 2 manuals with the stamp of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus and 1 article in scholarly and journalistic magazine Vysheyshaya Shcola, 2 (64) for the year 2008. I am a member of the organizing committee for the two conferences on the basis of our university:

  • Republican scientific conference of students and graduate students "New mathematical methods and computer technology in designing, manufacturing and scientific research";
  • Republican scientific-practical conference "Topical issues of scientific and methodical work." I am a permanent member of the jury of the Gomel regional competition of scientific and technical creativity of pupils.

I am a permanent member of the jury of the Gomel regional competition of scientific and technical creativity of pupils.

Have led the work of the student research lab "Network technologies and multimedia (incentives).

Main scientific achievements:

  • identify patterns of distortion of the computational process in the network structures that arise in the process of uncontrolled change of scale network;
  • proposed and tested an adaptive algorithm for the workload of the tasks the server local area network enterprise;
  • developed a system for monitoring the computing process and the workload of the computer network that uses a combination of new components for monitoring ( "system traps"), the original procedures for the processing of the measuring slopes with simulations;
  • proposed method of setting a controlled field experiment to automatically allocate the measuring trace invariants of the workload;
  • a series of results for the Exploration of the computational process in the network structures of modern information enterprise making use of the programming software research;
  • proposed a method for assessing the capacity of the enterprise network and service users through the use of program-technological complex study of local area networks.

Organizational achievement:

  • creation of the department and data center consolidation of computing power in a local area network technology Ethernet (1996-2003.);
  • creation of student research laboratory of the Network Technology and Media "(2005);
  • organization of teaching and research laboratory IVA-Gomel - GGU-based data center chair (2007);
  • establishment of a branch of the international distance learning program Cisco Networking Academy training courses for CCNA and IT Essentials and specialized teaching and research laboratory Cisco Networking Academy (2008 - 2009.).

Marked by such promotions and awards:

  • in 2004, together with Potrashkova M.V. and Nikishaev V.A. won the Gomel regional executive committee of talented young scientists and specialists on 2003 results for the significant results achieved during applications;
  • 2007 as part of the team dreamed of Stimulus was awarded the diploma of the Central Council for NIRS educational establishment "GSU im.F.Skoriny" for active participation in the exhibition of scientific and technical development of students in Minsk;
  • in 2009 at the contest "Zornae yunatstva" Gomel City Executive Committee of the same competition on the basis of work in 2008 as head of the student research laboratory "Stimulus" won in the category "science";
  • 2009 thanks to the Administration of Park of High and leadership education program for the Cisco Networking Academy participated in the retraining of teachers of informatics for Belarusian schools.

He took an active part in implementing 20 State budget and contract-based research work. The scientific results are regularly reported at scientific conferences and seminars of different levels of representativeness. List of scientific publications includes more than 60 items.

The most significant in recent years, scientific work:

  1. Voruev A.V. Hardware and software Network / A.V. Voruev, O.M. Demidenko, A.I. Kucherov, V.N. Kulinchenko / Is approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus as a textbook for students in higher education with a degree in automated information processing systems. - GSU them. Skaryna. - Gomel: 2009. - 232 c.
  2. Voruev A.V. BACKGROUND OF THE software system for monitoring user activity / A.I. Kucherov, A.V. Voruev / Proceedings of the Gomel State University. Skaryna. - 2009. - 4 (55). Part 2. - P.12-15.
  3. Voruev A.V. Changing attitudes to training and retraining of specialists for the needs of IT companies / A.V. Voruev, A.I. Kucherov, V.N. Kulinchenko / Proceedings of V International Conference of Forum "Information systems and technology (IST'2009) , 16-17 November 2009, BSU, BGUIR, NASB, Infopark, Minsk, 2009. In two parts. Part 2. - P.266-267.
  4. Voruev A.V. Student research laboratory Stimulus / A.V. Voruev / Scientific-methodical and journalistic Journal of the Higher School ". - 2008. - 2 (64). - P.14-16.
  5. Voruev, A.V. Building a comprehensive monitoring system of the computing process in a heterogeneous local area network / A.V. Voruev, V.N. Kulinchenko / Proceedings of the Gomel State University. Skaryna. - 2008. - 5 (50). - P.132-135.
  6. Voruev, A.V. Remote monitoring and control processes in local area networks / A.V. Voruev, O.M. Demidenko, A.I. Kucherov / Proceedings of the Gomel State University. Skaryna. - 2007. - 5 (44). - P.98-100.
  7. Voruev A.V. Monitoring the distribution of resources of a computer system in a multitasking operating system Windows 95/98 / Voruev A.V. / Modeling and information technology design. 2002, 4. - P.198-204.
  8. Voruev, A.V. The monitoring system of parameters of the computational process and the workload on the node local area network / O.M. Demidenko, A.V. Voruev, O.V. Bychenko, V.A. Nikishaev / Registration, storage and processing. 2002 - T. 3, 2. - P.68-77.
  9. Voruev, A.V. Laboratory workshop on operating systems: Textbook / A.V. Voruev, O.M. Demidenko, A.I. Kucherov / Is approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus as a textbook for students of specialty "Automated information processing system" of higher education. - Baranovichi: Baranov. ukrupn.tip., 2002 - 126 pp.

Regularly work on improving their skills:

  • courses at the National Institute of Higher Education at BSU, Minsk;
  • courses at the Higher State College of Communication, Minsk;
  • course instructors CISCO, conducted by specialists MIREA (Moscow) in vivo "GSU im.F.Skoriny.

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