7-ая Международная школа

Gomel, Belarus July 28- August 8 2003

Accelerators Physics LHC program Physics "in" and "out" of Framework of Standard Model Soft and Hard QCD Processes Quantum Field Theory Relativistic Nuclear Physics

  • А. Н. Сисакян (председатель)
  • Н. А. Русакович (заместитель председателя)
  • Н. Скачков (ректор)
  • С. Шульга (ученый секретарь),
  • В. Новикова (секретарь)
ОРГКОМИТЕТ из Беларуси:
  • В. Неделько (председатель)
  • Н. Шумейко (заместитель председателя)
  • Ю. Плескачевский (заместитель председателя)
  • В. В.. Максименко (проректор)
  • В. Андреев (ученый секретарь)
  • Я. Федотова (ученый секретарь)

Научная программа 7-ой Международной школы-семинара по физике высоких энергий включала в себя лекции и научные доклады по следующим направлениям:

Ускорительная физика Номера для ускорителей Мягкие и жесткие КХД процессы Квантовая теория поля Релятивистская физика адронов и ядер Физика за его пределами,в рамках стандартной модели

1 Introduction A. Bogush " On the quantum vector parameters of the h-deformed groups and " L. Tomilchik, V. Kudryashov "Conformally flat metric, Position-Dependent Mass and Cold Dark Matter" A. Sissakian "The JINR Scientific Programme"

2 Accelerator Physics W. Lohmann " Physics at a Future Linear Collider" K. Afanaciev, V. Drugakov, E. Kouznetsova, W. Lohmann, A. Stahl "Beamstrahlung phenomenon in TESLA" A. Belkov, T. Ilitcheva, S. Shulga "Simulation of Measurement of -Asymmetry by using Charge Asymmetry of the Like-Sign Lepton Pairsfor HERA-B" V. Lashkevich, I. Solovtsov Processes L. Jenkovszky, V. Kuvshinov, V. Magas "Nucleon Structure from DualAnalytic Models" E. Kokoulina, V. Nikitin "The description of pp-interactions with veryhigh multiplicity at 70 GeV/c by Two Stage Gluon Model" V. Kuvshinov, V. Shaparau "Two-mode squeezed and entangled collineargluon states at the non-perturbative stage of QCD jet evolution" V. Kuvshinov, V. Shaparau, R. Shulyakovsky "Quark multiplicity dis-tribution as a new feature of the instanton-induced DIS" L. Korsun, I. Solovtsov "Analytic properties and renormalization schemedependence in variational perturbation theory" O. Solovtsova "Nonperturbative effects in the hadronic decay of the tau-lepton"

5 Quantum Field Theory V. Andreev "Recursive calculational technique for processes with fermions" H. Jones "Beyond Perturbation Theory - The Linear Delta Expansion" V. Gilewsky "Majorana decomposition of Dirac fermion field" A. Kisselev, V. Petrov "High Energy Collisions in Theories with Com-pact Extra Dimensions" L. Babichev, A. Bukach, V. Kuvshinov, V. Shaparau "Intermittency andscaling in the squeezed state representation" V. Gilewsky, V. Makhnatch, I. Satsunkevich "Anapole interaction ofelementary particles" 91 A. Shalyt-Margolin "Deformed Density Matrix in Quantum and Statis-tical Mechanics at Planck Scale" V. Andreev, A. Seytliev "MBSCacl program for FeynArts package"

6 Relativistic Physics of hadrons and nuclei L. Azhgirey "Short-Range Structure of the Deuteron" Yu. Chernichenko "Relativistic Inverse Problem for the Superpositionof a Non-Local Separable Interaction and a Local Quasipotential notAdmiting Bound States" T. Ilichova "Nucleon charge radii in the quasipotential constituent quarkmodel" V. Andreev, N. Maksimenko "Static electric polarizability of chargedbound relativistic system"

7. Physics in and beyond the frames of the Standard Model V. Makarenko, T. Shishkina "The covariant first-order QED correctionsto the fermion pair production in -collisions" I. Marfin, T. Shishkina, V. Mossolov "Contribution of the main radiative corrections to anomalous quartic constants in process " T. Shishkina "Investigation of some processes of multiple lepton andboson birth on linear colliders of polarized photons" V. Mossolov, T. Shishkina, I. Sotsky "Production of four leptons in interactions at TESLA kinematics" N. Shumeiko, A. Soroko, P. Starovoitov "Comparison of two-photon and Drell-Yan lepton pair production at LHC energy" S. Timoshin "Investigation of the proton spin at HERA" V. Zykunov "Electroweak radiative corrections to M0ller scattering asym-metry for SLAC experiment E-158"

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