6-ая Международная школа

Gomel, Belarus August 7-16, 2001

Accelerators Physics LHC program Physics "in" and "out" of Framework of Standard Model Soft and Hard QCD Processes Quantum Field Theory Relativistic Nuclear Physics

Оргкомитет от ОИЯИ · А. Сисакян (председатель) · Н. Руссакович (вице-председатель) · Н.Скачков (ректор) · Е. Шульга (ученый секретарь) · Е. Руссакович (секретарь школы) · П.Боголюбов, Ю. Будагов, А. Филиппов · И.Голутвин, И. Иванов, С. Иванова, · В. Кекелидзе, А. Курилин,А. Малахов
Оргкомитет от Беларуси · А. Лесникович (председатель) · Н. Шумейко (вице-председатель) · Ю. Плескачевский (вице-председатель) · Н. Максименко (проректор) · В. Андреев (ученый секретарь), Ю. Федотова (ученый секретарь) · А. Богуш, В. Барышевский, С.Чигринов, · В. Давыдович, Т. Громова, Н. Казак, · В. Кенько,А. Кухарев, В. Кувшинов, · Д.Лин, А. Панков, В. Плетюхов, · В. Румянцев, С.Щербаков, С. Рахманов, В. Прокошин, · С. Тимошин, И. Соловцов, Л. Томильчик
Научная программа 6-ой Международной школы-семинара по физике высоких энергий включала в себя лекции и научные доклады по следующим направлениям: · История физики частиц · Программа адронного коллайдера: проекты ATLAS и CMS · Физика адронов и ядер · Физика в Стандартной Модели и вне ее · КХД процессы
Introduction · A.Bogush"Fedorov's covariant approach and recent development of particle physics in Belarus (1996-2000)" · A Sissakian"Joint Institute for Nuclear Research" · N.Russakovich, V.Bednyakov"Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems at the turn of the millennium"

Accelerator Physics · B.Lohr"Inclusive Cross Sections and Structure Functions from HERA" · W.Lohmann"e+e- Physics at LEP and Future Linear Collider" · S.Sivoklokov"The ATLAS Detector and its Physics Potential " · D.Bandurin, V.Konoplyanikov, N.Skachkov"gamma + Jet" process application for setting the absolute scale of jet energy and determining the gluon distribution at the LHC" · A.Bel'kov, S.Shulga"SIMUB - a Monte Carlo Generator for Physics Simulation of ВDecays" · A.Belkov"Implementation of the Hough Transform for 3D Track Reconstruction in Drift Chambers"

Non-Accelerator Physics · A.Malik and I.Satsunkevich"Production and decay of some new exotic atoms" · A.Gazizov and S.Yanush"Hard Pomeron Enhanced Cascade Production and Flux Shadowing hi High-Energy Neutrino Astrophysics" · S.Juralevich and V.Tikhomirov"Cold dense matter accretion onto a primordial black hole" · V.Pronskikh" On comparison of some transmutation study results obtained at JINR synchrophasotron and phasotron" · D.Denisov, V.Andreev"Computer testing on a theme "Physics of elementary particles"

Soft and Hard QCD Processes · L.Korsun and I.Solovtsov"Variational perturbation theory and analytic properties of the running expansion parameter of QCD" · L.Jenkovszky, V.Magas and E.Predazzi"Duality in strong interactions" · V.Lashkevich and I.Solovtsov"Target mass effects and integral representation for structure functions" · I.Solovtsov and O.Solovtsova"Inclusive r-decay and e+e~ annihilation into hadrons in non-perturbative approach to QCD"

Quantum Field Theory · V.Kuvshinov, A.Kuzmin"Heading towards chaos criterion in gauge field theories" · A.Margolin, V.Strazhev, A.Tregubovich "Berry Phase and Quantum Computations" quantum theory of computations" · A.Margolin, V.Strazhev, A.Tregubovich "On non-Holonomic Quantum Computer" · L.Tomilchik"Conformally flat static background metric in relativistic quarkonium models" · A.Bondarev"Construction of Orthonormal Bases from the Vectors of the Problem in Minkowski Space" · V.Kapshai"Integral equations and integral representations for relativistic wave functions" · S.Sikach"Spin calculations in arbitrary and diagonal spin bases" · V.Andreev"Isotropic tetrad and symbolic calculation of Feynman diagrams" · A.Yuchko, V.Andreev"Algebra of creation and annihilation operators in a symbolic calculation system "Mathematica" " · S.Vernov"The Painleve Analysis and Asymptotic Solutions of the General Henon- Heiles System"

Relativistic Physics of hadrons and nuclei · V.Baryshevsky"Time-reversal-violating birefringence of photon in a medium exposed to electric and magnetic field " · V.Andreev, N.Maksimenko"Static polarizability of relativistic two-particle bound system" · A.Sosnovsky, V.Andreev"The point form of relativistic Hamiltonian dynamics and pion electromagnetic radius" · N.Maksimenko, O.Deryuzhkova, S.Lukashevich"The electromagne Effects at a Linear Collider with Polarized Beams" · M.Galynskii, M.LevchukNonlinear effects in gamma e and in gamma-gamma collisions · E.Kokoulina"The description of multiplicity distributions in high energy e+e- annihilation within the framework of Two Stage Model" · I.Akushevich, A.Dyichev, N.Shumeiko, V.Zykunov"Electroweak radiative corrections to the single W-production at the pp-colliders" · I.Akushevich, A.Dyichev, N.Shumeiko"QED radiative effects in polarized deep inelastic scattering" · N.Shumeiko, A.Soroko, P.Starovoitov"Production of low mass e+e~ pairs via two- photon exchange mechanism in pp-collisions at Tevatron energy" · N.Shumeiko, J.Suarez"Radiative Corrections and polarization effects to M011er scattering" · S.Timoshin"Deep Inelastic Processes by a Charged Current and Proton Spin"

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