Dear first-year students!

You have met a new stage of your life. You have become the students of Francisk Skorina Gomel State University.

However, it is the very beginning of a challenging and catching path to the heights of education. Your lecturers are high-qualified pedagogues, Doctors of science, professors. You will survey the achievements of the leading schools of thought and gain knowledge and experience that can lead you on your way to becoming a high-quality talent.

Gomel State University is a classical higher education institution. It has rich traditions and a wealth of scientific and academic experience. Thousands of our graduates working throughout the country and abroad tell us with a grateful remembrance about the years at GSU. They experienced first-hand that theoretical knowledge and professional skills are not sufficient to establish their identity and become a man of worth for their native land. We should be intent on self-improvement, development, gaining experience and having a strong position in our life.

High-quality education is a hard work, but you can always rely on support and experience of your tutors, colleagues and friends. Everything depends on you, your diligence and quest for inspiration. Perhaps, it is right up your alley to achieve academic and artistic heights that will open new horizons for Belarus.

May you bear the title of Francisk Skorina Gomel State University student with honour. We hope that glory of our University will be enriched with your success!


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