Japanese delegation visits Gomel State University

Gomel State University was proud to open its doors for the representatives of Japanese non-commercial organization «Happy Road Net» on July 27, 2017.

Our University was visited by 17 children from the Land of the Rising Sun. They have got an opportunity to attend a meeting with the Dean of the Faculty of Biology V.S. Averin and the Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs A.P. Grahotsky.

The guests of our city gained an insight into life of the most prominent university of Gomel region and the system of international affairs at Gomel State University and were told about the first Belarusian book printer and scholar Francisk Skorina.

Victor Averin focused on the current ecological issues important for children living in the regions damaged by the Fukushima nuclear accident. He discussed the matters of environmental recovery on the territory of Belarus after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, exploitation of the agricultural territories and the use of solar power.

“Remember that you are not different than your peers living at the non-contaminated areas. You should just attend such meetings and discussions more often”, Victor Averin said.

Our guests were given a tour around the University after the meeting, presented reports and participated in the discussions.

Anastasia Lashkevich
Photo by Galina Lasayeva

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