About the faculty

Faculty of Pre-University Education is part of the university.

The faculty was established by order of the Rector of the Educational Establishment "Francisk Skorina Gomel State University" № 988 of 31.12.2009
The main purpose is to facilitate faculty professional definition of applicants, the organization and conduct of quality training for centralized testing and training in the classical university.

The main objectives of the faculty:
· Systematic and purposeful development of the student contingent of Francisk Skorina Gomel State University;
· Preparation of high-quality applicants to a centralized testing and training in high school;
· Organizing and conducting various forms of additional education to gifted students' high schools, grammar schools and secondary schools in the Gomel region;
· The effective training of foreign students to study in universities of the Republic of Belarus.
Goals and objectives are achieved by the faculty:
· The availability of the faculty of talented and experienced teachers are constantly improving their teaching methods and open to new progressive spirit of the times;
· Synthesis on a single scientific and methodological basis of training plans and programs of original modern and proven techniques in the disciplines of classical training for entrance tests, quantitative and qualitative selection of study groups, individualization of instruction;
· Prudent use of modern information technology, an organic compound of the classical forms of learning.
The basic functioning of preliminary training and preparatory courses are preparatory department, operating on the basis of the faculty. Preparing students for the preparatory department and courses conducted for daytime, evening and correspondence courses, and by connecting these forms. Training courses on all kinds of pay, at the preparatory department of free and paid.
Targeted work to identify and develop the most talented students, preparing them for admission to higher education is also carried out through specialized classes, which operate on the basis of high schools, high schools and basic schools of the Gomel region. Education in these schools and classes conducted in-depth study plans and programs approved by the Ministry of Education, the study provides specific disciplines that make up the university component.
One of the main areas of training students is a systematic and centralized testing of preliminary tests on nine core subjects. This work is carried out testing center, which is part of the faculty.
An important role in pre-university training, conducted by the faculty, is to work with gifted students. Together with teachers from other faculties faculty members prepare students for the Olympics in general subjects, led by their teaching and research, together with the Education Department Gomel oblast executive committee will organize various conferences and competitions.
The central focus of the faculty is organizing and conducting training to foreign students from near and far abroad, and their preparation for teaching in Belarusian universities.
The faculty includes Training Courses "GSU-Pro", whose main purpose is to train specialists for joint ventures and for those of Belarusian companies that are actively entering the European market. Education provided by Training Courses "GSU-Pro" fully complies with European standards. It allows its graduates to speak the same language with their counterparts in Europe, providing favorable for cooperation Belarusian enterprises, and career development specialist.
Faculty Address: Faculty of Pre-University Education and Foreign Students Training, Educational Establishment "Francisk Skorina Gomel State University" st. Soviet, 98, office. 51, 246019, Gomel
Phone: (80232) 73-90-98 ─ Dean
E-mail: dovuz*gsu.by

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