Research Work of Faculty of Pre-University Education
A new research theme for years 2016/2020 is being completed.
The Faculty completed research theme GB 11-33 "Research, Development and Practical Realization of Scientific and Pedagogic Models of Informatization and Innovation of Systems of Continuous Education “School-University " (Research Supervisor - Doctor of Physico-Mathematical Sciences A.F. Vasiliev, performers - members of Preparatory department and vocational guidance: Head of Department, associate professor, PhD S.V. Chaikova, associate professors: PhD T.V. Avdonina, PhD N.N. Gordey, PhD N.A. Sivakova, senior lecturers G.L. Kazimirsky, E.A. Koroleva, assistants: PhD P.V. Bychkov, PhD M.N. Samonova, K.V. Kushnaryova, N.A. Starovoitova, N.V. Tsurikova , O.P. Kosinova, Chief of the Training Courses "GSU-Pro" D.V. Doroshev, Chief of the Center of Testing, PhD. D.A. Khodanovich, head of the preparatory courses V.P. Lemeshev).
Participants execute their tasks according to the fixed schedule.
- Has been further developed the model of the active career guidance for students by combining the methods of Academic Mathematics with modern information technology. It has been tested with the students of the Faculty of Pre-University Education and Preparatory Courses, participants of the rehearsal and centralized testing;
- On the basis of this model continued further development and implementation into the regional awareness-raising area of distance learning, testing, and video conferencing technology based on binary technology “Moodle + Skype and Moodle +”;
- Prepared and implemented in a remote TUTOR-system of the faculty ( tests in Russian, Belarusian and English for additional testing of the participants of the rehearsal testing at F. Skorina GSU;
- Prepared presentations (available on the University website) for students of the Faculty of Pre-University Education and Preparatory Courses, for prospective students to prepare for the CT, for students of the1st course of a specialty "Psychology", for international students from different courses and specialties on the subject "Russian as a foreign language."

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