Welcome to the Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogics!

The faculty was created in 1991 and was first named The Faculty of Psychology and Pre-University Training. On February 1, 2010 the faculty was renamed into The Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogics.

The graduates of the faculty work at secondary schools, colleges, universities, social and psychological centers, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry for Emergency situations offices and other public and commercial organizations.

The Faculty provides opportunities for learning and professional development. A wide range of programmes is offered - from undergraduate degrees, to Masters level qualifications and PhDs.

The faculty provides training on following specialties:

Undergraduate courses: Psychology, Social Pedagogics and Practical Psychology (Specializations: Pedagogical Psychology; Psychology of Sport; Pedagogical Psychology)

Post-Graduate courses: General Psychology, Psychology of Personality; History of Psychology; Pedagogical Psychology; Social Psychology; General Pedagogics; History of Pedagogics and Education; Social Pedagogics

The Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogics is one of the largest centres for the study of psychology and social pedagogics in Gomel Region and Belarus.

Today more then 500 undergraduate and graduate students are trained here. We have nearly 30

highly-qualified academic faculty.

Structurally the Faculty includes 3 departments:


The Department of Pedagogics

Contact us:

108, Sovetskaya str., 246019, Gomel, Belarus

Tel. +375(232)607531

E-mail: pedagogics*

Head of the department:

Prof. Fedor V. Kadol, Doctor of Pedagogics, professor

Taught disciplines:

  • General pedagogics
  • History of pegagogics
  • Social pedagogics
  • Comparative pedagogics
  • Social-pedagogical diagnostics
  • Social-pedagogical prevention
  • Management in Education
  • Methods of pedagogical research
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Educational and management systems of modern school
  • Methods of educational work
  • Basics of organization of personality self-development and students self-work
  • Pedagogical basics of social and cultural activities
  • Theory and practice of social pedagogics
  • The protection of childhood
  • Culture of pedagogical dialogue
  • Methodology and methods of social-pedagogical research
  • Social work in the locality
  • Pedagogics of Higher Education
  • Actual problems of modern pedagogics
  • Social-pedagogical work in the orphanages
  • Culture of pedagogical dialogue
  • Social-pedagogical basics of professional specialization
  • Basics of pedagogical communication and conflictology
  • Basics of spiritual and moral culture of personality
  • Social and pedagogical work at educational establishments
  • Correctional pedagogics
  • Social-pedagogical and psychological work at educational establishments
  • Social-pedagogical and work with families
  • Technologies of social-pedagogical work
The Department of Social and Pedagogical Psychology

Contact us:

98, Sovetskaya str., 246019, Gomel, Belarus

Tel: +375(232)579479

E-mail: socialpsyhology*

Head of the Department:

Tatyana G. Shatyuk, PhD

Taught disciplines:

  • General Psychology
  • Basics of children psychiatrics
  • Social-psychological training
  • Statistical methods in psychology
  • Methodology, methods and theory of psychological research
  • Psychology of development
  • System analyses of psychological data
  • Experimental psychology
  • Basics of conflictology
  • Basics of psychological support
  • Pedagogical psychology
  • Psychology of family
  • Basics of art-therapy
  • Basics of psychological consultancy
  • Theoretical and methodological basics of psychology
  • Theory and methodology of psychologists work
  • Group psychotherapy
  • Basics of psychotherapy
  • Diagnostics and correction of interpersonal communication
  • Diagnostics and correction of personal development
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Our staff: Tatyana G. Shatyuk, PhD
The Department of Psychology

Contact us:

102, Sovetskaya str., 246019, Gomel, Belarus

tel. +375 (232) 57-81-39

E-mail: psychology*

Head of the Department:

Irina V. Silchenko, PhD

Taught disciplines

  • General psychology
  • Victimology
  • History of Psychology
  • Medical Psychology
  • Psychology of behavior
  • Psychology of personality
  • Psychology of labour
  • Psychology of individual differences
  • Social Psychology
  • Psycho-diagnostics
  • Engineer psychology
  • Psychology of crisis situations
  • Modern pedagogical and psychological technologies
  • Psychology of orphans
  • Psychology of management
  • Psychology of children with peculiarities of psychical and physical development
  • Psychological supervision of children at the 1-st stage of school education
  • Diagnostics and development of personal qualities
  • Psychology of deviant behavior
  • Diagnostics and building of motivation
  • Projecting, diagnostics and correction of educational process
  • Psycho-diagnostics of intellectual giftedness
  • History of social psychology
  • Psychology of personality and sport career
  • Psychology of coach
  • Psychology of fitness
  • Psycho-diagnostics in sport
  • Psychology of training
  • Self-reguation in sport
  • Theoretical and methodological basics of psychology: history of psychology
  • Theoretical and methodological basics of psychology: neiro-psychology
  • Diagnostics and correction of cognitive processes
  • Integral methods of testing
  • Clinical psychology
  • Basics of defectology
  • Our staff: Irina V. Silchenko, PhD


The Department of Pedagogics
  • Fedor V. Kadol Professor, Doctor of Pedagogics, Head of the department
  • Valentina P. Gorlenko Associate Professor, PhD
  • Ludmila D. Ermakova Associate Professor, PhD
  • Valentina I.Radionova Associate Professor, PhD
  • Larisa I. Selivanova Associate Professor, PhD
  • Uladzislau A. Beizerau Dean of Faculty, Associate Professor, PhD
  • Irina T. Zaitseva Senior Lecturer
  • Ludmila N. Gorodetskaya Senior Lecturer
  • Svetlana A. Valtchenko Senior Lecturer
  • Aleksandr E. Potrosov Lecturer
  • Elena E. Koshman Associate Professor, PhD
  • Nadezhda N. Zenko Lecturer
  • Tatiana V. Belko Office manager
  • Tatiana A. Kondratenko Office manager
The Department of Social and Pedagogical Psychology
The Department of Psychology


The faculty carries research in the following areas:

  • Ideological, moral and spiritual self-development as the basis for the formation of social competence of pupils and students;
  • Methodological education of students of humanitarian sphere;
  • Social and pedagogical foundations of moral education of the students;
  • Social and moral mechanisms of the ontogeny of morality in adolescence;
  • Social and psychological determinants of psychological well-being;
  • Experience of the individual in the dynamics of social development situation;
  • A model of psychosocial support to adults and children of alcoholics.

Faculty pays much attention not only to theoretical but also to practical training. There are three research laboratories:

  • "Alliance";
  • "The socio-educational project";
  • "Cultural-historical psychology."

Based on these labs, students conduct their research; learn modern methods of psychodiagnostics, educational and correctional work, implement a number of volunteer projects, prepare papers for publications. Student's Scientific Research Laboratory "Alliance" twice won the Special Presidential Award (in 2003 and 2010).


Sovetskaja str., 102

246019 Gomel


tel. +(375-232) 57-98-86

E-mail: psihfac*

tel. +(375-232) 57-98-86

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