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The physics faculty - the oldest at university,takes the family tree from physics and mathematics branches of the agroteacher's Institute formed in 1929 In 1969 the physics faculty becomes a structural department of Gomel State University. Nowadays Physical faculty comprises 5 chairs: the general physics; the theoretical physicists; radio physics and electronics; optics; the Computerized System of Information processings The oldest chair at the faculty is the chair of the general physics, become a basis for creation of the whole faculty. The Theoretical physics Chair was opened in 1964. The History of the radio physics and electronics chairs, began with formation of Radio physics" specialisation at the chair of theoretical physics in 1969 and in 1972 on the basis of this specialisations the independent chair was formed. The optics chair was organised by academician AS of Belarus B.V.Bokut in 1974. The “automated system of information processing" - the youngest at the Faculty. In 1988 TSOEI chair of economic faculty was reorganised and at physical faculty the chair of (ASIP) was opened.

More than 800 students study at physical faculty, approximately 300 are under the contract, including students from China, Syria, Yemen, Tunis,Turkmenistan.

The faculty trains the students of 4 specialities: "Physics" (Scientific and pedagogical activity and industrial activity), "Physics. Technical creativity", "Physical electronics", "The automated systems of processing of the information".

The biggest in number is a speciality of "Physicist" the framework of which is to train the students in 4 specialisations: "Computer Modelling of the physical processes "," New materials and technologies ", "The laser physics and spectroscopy","Physical metrology and Experiment automation ". Educational process on these specialisations is provided by The theoretical physics chairs, radio physics and electronics, optics. It the heart of "Computer modelling of the physical processes " specialisation work the concept of a combination of a scientific direction lies -physics of high energy and elementary particles, headed by Professor Maksimenko N. V, with the use of computer technics for Physical processes modelling.

In 1999 th students started to be trained in “New materials and technologies" specialisation by radio physics and electronics chair The aim of opening this specialization is to train high-qualified specialists in the sphere of technology of processing of materials with use of lasers and other energy sources. During training students get practical skills in automation and optimisation of technological processes with the Use of modern elektro-computer facilities.

The program of specialisation "the Laser physics and the spectroscopy ", organised by optics chair, includes fundamental courses, and also the courses in laser physics and technologies.

Such combination of basic and applied disciplines, taught at the chair of optics, provides the graduates fundamental theoretical preparation and the ability to solve specific applied problems.

The main task "Physical metrology and automation eperiment" specialisation which also concerns to the optics chair, is to train highly skilled physicists-engineers, scientific and executives for various branches of a national economy. Thus,the curriculum of the specialisation includes the study as metrology, normative and technical questions as the legislative supports, the organisation andmanagement.

After graduating the students get training qualification "the Physicist. The engineer" or "the Physicist. The teacher of physics and computer science".

In 2005 a new direction of training the experts in the speciality of "Physicist" - administrative activity with qualification "The physicist. The manager".

The general physics chair trains the students in the speciality of "Physics. Technical creativity" which grants the right for graduates to supervise research and school club work of schoolboys in out-of-school educational institutions. The date of birth of this speciality is considered to be 1996, when on a speciality of "Physicist" with additional speciality "Technical creativity" was declared a separate set. A course of training provides the qualification "The Teacher. The teacher - organizer of technical creativity ". In specialisation work an important role plays regularly held by chair of the general physics regional exhibitions of Technical creativity of pupils and students, and also seminars for the heads of circles and sections of technical creativity of Gomel area.

Since 1999 the chair takes regional competitions in the technical creativity among schoolboys. The analogue of such competitions in Belarus does not exist. This competition is held actually like the technical Olympiad.

Since 1997 the training in the speciality of "Physical electronics" with the specialisation of "Medical electronics" is conducted at the chair of radio physics and electronics of physical faculty.

The Chair of "The automated systems of processing of the information" trains students in the speciality "Automated Systems of processing of the information " with the specialisation of " the Automated systems” and Specialisations of "Corporate networks and systems". Its work in 2004

The Course of studying provides to get professional qualification “ The Engineer in Information Technologies”. Use area of experts - working out and operation of the distributed systems of processing information and the managements, constructed on the basis of the COMPUTER, microprocessors, multimachine and multiprocessing complexes, systems of data transmission, systems of processing of the graphic information.

The laboratories of faculty are equipped with modern high technology equipment. So, for example, while training of students of specialisation "New materials and technologies"are used pre-production models of the modern laser installations are used developed within the framework of various state scientific and technical programs tasks in scientific research laboratory "New materials and technologies".

The computer facilities of faculty uniting in a local network more than 200 computers, takes place in one university and in four faculty computer classes. Besides there are three computer classes at the chair of ASIP, the computing laboratories with Internet connection are at the Chair of the General Physics, the Theoretical Physics and at the chair of Radio physics and Electronics that allows to conduct the training of students ay the highest professional level.

A specialised council at defending dissertations work at the Faculty to candidate a scientific degree of the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences to specialities 01.04.02 - the theoretical physics and 01.04.05 - optics headed by member-correspondent NAS of Belarus Serdjukov A.N. at physical faculty There are two student's creative clubs "Electronics" and "Modelist-designer", and also student's SRL "Scientifically-methodological problems of teaching physics" at physical faculty.

All three student's teams are awarded by Council of special fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus in social support of the presented pupils and students. Also a Design Club "Designing of control systems by a laser beam" and SNIL"Stimulus" work successfully at the faculty.

Central strategic direction development the faculty is obliged to school created by B.V.Bokut. Now school of B.V.Bokut dynamically develops in three directions. It is physics high energy, theoretical crystal optics, physics of laser radiation interaction with substance and the applied researches connected with it. The important result of school activity of B.V.Bokut is high personnel faculty potential. At physical faculty There are about 60 teachers at physical faculty, among them- 2 member-correspondents of SAS RB, 9 doctors and 26 candidates of sciences. Thus, 60 percent of the teachers of the faculty have a scientific degree, the candidate or the doctor of sciences that provides a high level of teaching and a high level of preparation of students.

Character event in 2001 and in 2006 was holding the international scientific conference "Problems of Radiation Interaction with Substance " devoted to B.V.Bokut at our University Scientists from Belarus, Russia, the Ukraine, Finland, Portugal and Sweden took part at these conferences.

High professional level of the Professors and Teachers stuff of the Faculty is proved by regular edition of manuals with a signature stamp The Ministries of Education of Belarus. General supply the students of faculty with the educational and methodic literature is not low than 80 %, not including electronic variants.

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