The history of the Philology Faculty begins with the time of the formation of the Gomel Pedagogical Institute. In 2014 the Faculty celebrated its 85th anniversary, having transformed from the literary and linguistic department, literary department, historical and philological department to philological department.

The Philology Faculty is one of the oldest and largest in the university. It consists of five chairs: the Belarusian language chair; Belarusian literature chair; Russian chair, Slavic linguistics chair; Russian and world literature chair; Belarusian culture and folklore chair. All chairs carry out the educational process not only for the philological faculty, but also for other faculties. Chairs are staffed with highly qualified personnel. The educational process is carried out by 57 professors, including 8 doctors and 37 candidates of sciences. Currently, the faculty has about 500 students.

The faculty prepares highly qualified specialists in the field of linguistics and literature, literary specialists, specialists in the field of computer philology. Faculty graduates join the ranks of scientists, writers, ethnographers, working in research centers, universities, museums, archives, offices, media, government establishments, public associations.

At present, the faculty trains the future specialists in the following specialties and specializations: Belarusian philology; Belarusian philology with the specialization in English; Belarusian philology with the specialization in literary publishing work in newspapers and magazines; Russian Philology; Russian philology with the specialization in Belarusian language and literature; Russian philology with specialization in computer linguistics. In the 2009-2010 academic year, the faculty began training specialties in "Belarusian Philology" and "Russian philology" in the fields "Literary and editorial activity" and "Computer Software".

To provide the educational and methodical process at the faculty there were founded the offices of the Polish language, Sinology, the study of Hebrew, the regional center of Russian studies, literary and educational center "patriotika" student folklore research laboratory, language laboratory, computer classes, the class of the language training of Refugees and Literary Museum "Alma-Mater".

At the Faculty the students life is active and interesting. The best reader contest, Slavic evening, folk festivals, not only in the department, but also in Slavic and the regional libraries in urban areas are well-organized. The creative association of poets, novelists and critics "Krynitsa", whose members release a collection of their works have been functioning for many years at the Faculty. Student scientific folklore laboratory headed by the Doctor of Philology professor V.S. Novak, is not only the center for the collecting material at the folklore-ethnographic expeditions, but also an active promoter of the spiritual heritage of the Polesie region.

The Faculty holds regular meetings with scientists and cultural associations of the city, the region, the country, with the leading scientists of higher educational institutions of the republic and abroad.

The scientists of the faculty conduct research on the history, lexicology, lexicography of the Belarusian language; speech culture and stylistics; ways of culture formation, the ethnography and folklore of Belarus; new phenomena in modern Belarusian literature, literary traditions and fraternal literatures, and others. The research results are discussed at the annual International and Republican scientific and practical conferences on topical issues of the Belarusian and Russian linguistics, folklore and culture, problems of literary criticism.

The faculty created major scientific schools in the field of linguistics and literature, which are headed by Professor Stankevich A., Professor Steiner I.F., Professor V.I. Koval, Professor Rogalev A.F., Professor Novak V.S. The professors of the faculty prepare and edit the annual scientific journal "Proceedings of the Gomel State University."

The training of the scientific personnel is made through post-graduate studies at the Belarusian and Russian languages; Belarusian and Russian literature. Since 2001, a doctorate post-graduate studies has been functioning on the specialty of "Belarusian language". Since 2010-2011 academic year the Master's degree in "Linguistics" and "Literature" can be obtained at the Faculty.

Chair of the Belarusian language

Head - Candidate of Philology Elena N. Ermakova

The chair has two Doctor of Philology, Professor, 14 candidates of philology

The department holds an annual international and republican scientific conference:

  • "Traditions of the material and spiritual culture of East Polissya: problems of studying and preserving in post-Chernobyl period"
  • "Skorina at present"
  • Nekrashevitskiya reading studies

Basic educational disciplines:

  • Belarusian paleografy
  • Introduction to Slavic philology
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Modern Belarusian language
  • Modern Slavic languages
  • Old Slavonic
  • Belarusian dialectology
  • Office work
  • History of the Belarusian language
  • Latin
  • Belarusian language teaching methodology
  • Rhetoric
  • Culture of the Belarusian language and style
  • General Linguistics
  • Belarusian history of linguistics
  • Department operates on scientific and pedagogical school "Belarusian linguistics" (supervisor - Professor A. Stankiewicz)
  • The main directions of scientific and pedagogical schools:
  • Urgent problems of contemporary and historic literary and dialect lexicology and lexicography;
  • Problems of stylistics, linguapoetry and linguapragmatics.
  • Postgraduate studies and doctorate degree is 10:02:01 in Belarusian language.
The Chair of Belarusian literature

Head - Doctor of Philology, Professor Steiner Ivan

The chair has 12 professors, including 2 doctors of philology and 6 candidates of philology

Recently, the Chair conducted two international scientific conferences:

  • "National and universal in Slavic literatures", in commemoration of the national writer Ivan Shamyakin (September, 2007);
  • "Regional, national and universal in Slavic literatures", in commemoration to the national writer of Belarus Ivan Naumenko (September, 2008)

Basic educational disciplines:

  • Introduction to Literary Studies
  • History of the Belarusian literature (ancient period)
  • History of the Belarusian literature (XIX early XX)
  • Belarusian literature of the twentieth century
  • Modern literature of Belarus
  • The methods of teaching literature
  • Theory of Literature
  • Literature CIS
  • History of the Belarusian literary criticism
  • Chair operates on scientific and pedagogical school, "Regional, national and universal in literature: the spiritual heritage of the Belarusians in the global context" (supervisor Prof. Steiner IF)

The main directions of scientific and pedagogical schools:

  • Defining the role of the regional spiritual factor in the development of the national way of artistic interpretation of reality;
  • Analysis of multi-genre system of Belarusian literature in Slavic and European contexts
  • Postgraduate studies "Belarusian literature" operates at the chair.
The Department of Belarusian culture and folklore

Head of the department - Doctor of Philology, Professor Novak Valentine Stanislavovna.

The chair has six professors, among them - 1 doctor of philology and 4 candidates of philology.

Chair of Belarusian Culture was established in September 1993 as a result of the reorganization of the chair of ethics, aesthetics and the history of culture. The head of the chair was professor Dmitri Pavlovets, candidate of philology.

In April 2007, at the chair of the Belarusian culture the chair of the Belarusian culture and folklore was created. The directions of scientific research are: the study of the history and culture of Gomel and Gomel region and its contribution to the development of national and world science, regional and local folklore study of Gomel, Bryansk-Gomel-Chernigov borderland, interoperability issues, multi-ethnic folk traditions, participation in the events dedicated to the study of National Heritage (held by the district departments of culture).

Perspective directions of scientific research:

  • Regionally local folklore study of the Gomel region and other regions of Belarus;
  • Belarusian folk mythology;
  • Mythology and folklore of the Belarusians in the context of the traditional culture of the Slavs;
  • Ethnofolk studies;
  • Traditional spiritual culture of Belarusians;
  • Ethnolinguistics;
  • Ethnocultural studies;
  • The history of the Belarusian language, lexicology, scientific terminology;
  • The cultural history of the Gomel region, Gomel oblast and its contribution to the development of national and world science.
  • Disciplines:
  • Folklore
  • Slavic mythology
  • Cultural studies
  • Belarusian stidies
  • History and Theory of World Culture
  • Belarusian language (professional lexicon)
  • Office etiquette and paperwork
  • University studies
  • Russian as a foreign language.
The Depatment of Russian, General and Slavic Linguistics

Head of the Department, PhD, Professor Vladimir Koval

On faculty there are 21professors, among them are 1 Doctor of Philology, 2 Professors, 9 Associate professors;

The Chair regularly hosts international scientific conference on Slavic phraseology and onomastics, as well as conferences in the framework of the Society of Cyril of Turov

The basic disciplines:

  • Modern Russian
  • History of the Russian language
  • Russian dialectology
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • General Linguistics
  • Slavic mythology
  • Introduction to Slavic philology
  • Old Slavonic
  • Modern Polish
  • The Czech language
  • The style and speech
  • Rhetoric
  • Teaching of Russian language
  • Latin
  • Cognitive Linguistics
  • Philosophy of Language
  • Russian as a foreign language
  • Foundations of Chinese Studies

The Chair operates on scientific and pedagogical school "Russian, Belarusian and Slavic lexicology" (supervisor - Professor Vladimir Koval).

The Chair of Russian and world literature

Chair of Russian and world literature (up to 2005 - Department of Russian literature) in its present form was founded in 1970: in addition to the Chair of Belarusian literature, it was separated from the joint chair of literature. Over the years, the chair was headed by Doctor of Philology, professor P.P.Ohrimenko, Ph.D., associate professors N.V. Rodchenko, V.N. Sobolenko, L.L. Ermakova. Currently the head of the department is the candidate of philology, associate professor I.N. Afanasev. The staff of the chair consists of 11 teachers, including - 6 candidates of philology, among them - 5 professors; 3 senior teachers, 1 assistant, 2 laboratory assistant.

Representatives of the department have been awarded three times with high degrees of the laureates of Skorina scientific readings in the Gomel State University named after Francisc Skorina. In 1987 V.N. Sobolenko, associate professor, was awarded for scientific work "Forms of incarnation of thought in people's epic novel." In 2002 I.N. Afanasev, associate professor, was awarded for a series of scientific papers "Chernobyl era of artistic expression and experience of national culture." In 2007 N.P. Kapshay, associate professor, got the recognition for the research "Development and implementation of innovative methods of integrative teaching in university and school courses on the history of Russian, Belarusian and world literature".

Vladimir A. Bobrik

Position: Dean of the Faculty of Philology

Academic degree: Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor

Contact Information: phone 57-30-39, building 1 GGU, office 2-20

Elena N. Poluyan

Position: Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs

Academic degree: Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor


Contact Information: phone 60-32-73, building 1 GGU, office 2-15

Elena N. Voinova

Position: Deputy Dean on Ideological and Educational Work

Academic degree: Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor

Contact Information: phone 60-32-73, building 1 GGU, office 2-15

Alla V. Bredikhina

Position: Deputy Dean for research work

Academic degree: Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor

Contact Information: phone 60-32-40, building 1 GGU, office 2-18

Nadezhda I. Lapitskaya

Position: Deputy Dean for work with international students

Academic degree: Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor

E-mail address:

Contact Information: phone 60-32-23, building 1 GGU, office 2-24

Artyom L. Strizhak

Position: Associate Dean for Information


Contact Information: phone 60-32-23, building 1 GGU, office 2-24

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